Uruguay: the Broad Front Presents Its Presidential Binomial


So far, the Electoral Court has counted 37 percent of the electoral circuits.

For the October elections, the Broad Front will propose Yamandu Orsi as the candidate for the presidency of Uruguay and Carolina Cosse as the candidate for vice president.


Primary Elections in Uruguay to Define Presidential Candidate Close

This was announced by both during a speech held on a stage set up for supporters at the headquarters of this leftist party after the first results of the primary elections held on Sunday were known.

“Comrades: it is a night of joy, commitment, and news. The political board of our beloved Broad Front has made a proposal that we have gladly accepted, with much commitment and joy,” Orsi said.

“It is an honor for me, a pleasure, and a pride to present our beloved comrade Carolina Cosse,” he said before thousands of supporters.


O agora candidato à presidência do Uruguai, pela Frente Ampla, nas eleições gerais de Outubro, Yamandu Orsi, comemorou o resultado das primárias.

Anunciou que Carolina Cossi será sua companheira de chapa, em Outubro.pic.twitter.com/13vMhLeJln

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The text reads: “Yamandu celebrated the victory. Yamandu Orsi, the Broad Front’s presidential candidate for the general elections in October, celebrated the result of the primaries. He announced that Carolina Cossi will be his running mate.”

After that presentation, the former minister and mayor of Montevideo emphasized that her political force will govern again and thanked “the glorious militancy of the Broad Front.”

“Today the return of the Broad Front began. Starting tomorrow, it will come back with full force to transform reality and restore hope to Uruguay. We must always move forward,” Cosse said.

Meanwhile, Orsi also thanked the supporters of his political force, which he described as “diverse and progressive.”

“The Broad Front is also broad in its vision to transform everything necessary for the well-being of our people. We are and seek change, which we do not understand as demolition,” he said, adding that the Broad Front must grow but always with its values as a starting point.

“Among those values, our guide must continue to be the triumph of honesty in the management of public affairs,” the leftist presidential candidate emphasized.

So far, the Electoral Court has counted 37 percent of the electoral circuits and is publishing preliminary results of the primary elections. In the Broad Front, Yamandu Orsi leads with about 61 percent of the votes, while Carolina Cosse has accumulated 36 percent.

#FromTheSouth News Bits | 23 political parties will vie for Uruguay’s candidacy in primary elections on June 30. pic.twitter.com/5JIG7aZdmT

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