Syria and Iran Establish Dialogues to Strengthen Relations


Bashar Al Assad held a telephone conversation with Iranian President-elect Masoud Pezeshkian.

The president-elect of Iran, Masoud Pezeshkian, transmitted on Tuesday to his Syrian counterpart, Bashar al Assad, that during his Government the strategic relationship between both nations will be strengthened.

President Maduro Talks With the Iranian President-Elect Pezeshkian

During a telephone conversation, Pezeshkian affirmed that relations between Iran and Syria are built on a solid foundation and that the Islamic Republic grants strategic character to the promotion and development of bilateral cooperation.

He assured: «All our effort is aimed at continuing with force this strategy and to solidify even more the relationship between both parties».

He added that «the policies of the Islamic Republic of Iran, under the guidance and leadership of the Leader (Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei), are based on support for Palestine, the resistance movement and the nation and the Government of Syria as a strategic ally of Iran». #Syria #Geopolitics

The recent phone call between Iran’s new President-elect and Syria’s President emphasizes the strong ties between the two nations.

Such diplomatic efforts highlight the political landscape in the region.

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«I hope that the unity and friendship between Iran and Syria and all Islamic countries will be strengthened day by day», said Pezeshkian, who also referred to the existing cooperation agreements between Tehran and Damascus, as well as their willingness to reactivate them in order to bring more benefits to the two peoples.

Congratulating Pezeshkian on his electoral victory, Al Assad wished him success in his administration and said that Syria will also work hard to deepen bilateral relations, which he valued as very strong.

He recalled the substantial support that Iran gave his country from 2011, when the US. and European nations generated and financed an armed conflict that still leaves deep wounds on the Syrian people. He considered it a gesture of reciprocity after Syria gave support to Iran after it was invaded by Iraq (1980-1988).

Among other ideas, he assured Pezeshkian that the relationship between Iran and Syria is the main factor preventing the imposition of foreign rule in the region.

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