Sudan: new attack to Sinjah resulted in mass displacement


This terrific attack resulted in the influx of large numbers of displaced people fleeing the Sinjah

Sinjah, the capital of Sennar state, and surrounding areas are experiencing a mass exodus of civilians following the Rapid Support Forces (RSF) attack on the city on Saturday. The RSF has been accused of widespread looting and human rights violations.

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This terrific attack resulted in the influx of large numbers of displaced people fleeing the Sinjah, after the Rapid Support Force (RSF) announced its control over it, to the governorates of Damazin and Roseires.

The Damazin Resistance Committees said in a recent field report on Sunday that the Blue Nile Region is witnessing a large wave of displacement due to the recent events in the city of Sinjah.

The committees confirmed that the region received large numbers of displaced people, especially from the city of Sinjah, in the governorates of Damazin and Roseires.

???????? Scenes from the towns of Singa and Sinjah. Rapid Support Forces, RSF, bypassed the Sudanese Army, SAF, stronghold of Sennar. The situation for the SAF has become critical in the south of the country, as less than 100km separates the RSF from the border with South Sudan.

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The Damazin Resistance Committees also reported that the markets are witnessing a high increase in the prices of food and supplies.

The resource stressed that there is an urgent need for all forms of intervention and humanitarian aid, to help displaced families and citizens within the Blue Nile region.

The resistance committees explained that the security situation inside Blue Nile State is stable so far.

According to the statement, the curfew hours have been modified to become (curfew hours from 6 p.m. until 6 a.m.).

The Resistance Committees stated that the use of motorcycles has been banned within the borders of Damazin and Roseires governorates.

Regarding the communications situation in Blue Nile State, the committees confirmed that all communications and Internet networks had been cut off since this morning, with the gradual return of the Zain network shortly before.

The RSF attack coincided with a visit carried out by the army commander-in-chief, Lieutenant General Abdel Fattah Al-Burhan, to the city of Sinnar.

Local sources reported that RSF members ransacked shops, homes, and the market in Sinjah, located approximately 350 kilometres southeast of Khartoum, immediately after entering the city. Eyewitnesses recounted RSF fighters storming homes and demanding valuables such as cars, mobile phones, money, and jewellery.

Thousands of residents from Sinjah and nearby villages have been displaced, fleeing southwest towards the Blue Nile state or east across the Nile to Gedaref state. The influx of displaced people has caused significant congestion on the roads connecting Sennar and Gedaref.

Since mid-April last year, Sudan has been experiencing a fierce war between the army and the Rapid Support Forces, which included several Sudanese states.

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