Russia and Belarus Start 2nd Stage of Tactical Nuclear Weapons Drills


Previously, Russian Aerospace forces conducted exercises involving the Kinzhal hypersonic aeroballistic missiles.

On Tuesday, Russian and Belarusian armed forces have begun the second phase of tactical nuclear weapon exercises.


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“The exercises are aimed at maintaining the readiness of personnel and equipment of units for the combat use of non-strategic nuclear weapons of Russia and Belarus, to unconditionally ensure the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the Union State,” the Russian Defense Ministry said.

In the first stage of the drills, Russian forces conducted combat training tasks involving the Iskander operational-tactical missile system, specifically equipping launch vehicles with ammunition. Russian Aerospace forces conducted exercises involving the Kinzhal hypersonic aeroballistic missiles.

Russian Presidency Spokesperson Dmitri Peskov highlighted the importance of tactical nuclear exercises amid hostile decisions by European countries and the United States.


Russia and Belarus kick off second phase of Tactical nuclear weapons drills | euronews????????

The exercise takes place only days before the start of the Ukraine Peace Summit in Switzerland.#StopTheUSMilitaryAidToUkraine

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“These provocations happen daily. Therefore, of course, these types of exercises and maintaining combat readiness are very important for us,” he said, adding that the “tense situation on the European continent” is getting worse every day. day with new hostile decisions against Russia.

On Tuesday, Admiral Alexander Moiseyev, acting commander-in-chief of the Russian navy, also confirmed that a detachment of Russian warships will arrive in Cuba on Wednesday for tasks within the framework of cooperation between the two countries.

The group of Russian warships is part of the Northern Fleet, including a nuclear-powered submarine and a frigate with modern weapons on board, Moiseyev said and added that visiting Cuba will only be one of the tasks set for the voyage.

The Cuban Foreign Ministry announced earlier that Russian warships would visit the port of Havana from Wednesday to Monday, involving Russian frigate Admiral Gorshkov, the nuclear-powered submarine Kazan, as well as the fleet oil tanker Pashin and the rescue tug Nikolai Chiker.

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Sources: Xinhua – EFE

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