Rains in Guatemala Leave 21 Dead and 668,000 People Homeless

Rains in Guatemala Leave 21 Dead and 668,000 People Homeless

This Sunday, Guatemala’s National Coordinator for Disaster Reduction (Conred), in its most recent report on the rainy season, reported that as of this Saturday, 668,210 people have been affected and 21 have died since the beginning of the season last April.


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According to Report No.112 of the Rainy Season 2022, so far 12 incidents associated with rains have been reported nationwide during the last 24 hours, with the largest accumulations of water on the coast of the department of Jutiapa, department of Guatemala and Puerto San José, in the department of Escuintla.

According to Conred, there have also been reports of strong winds, floods, structural collapses, and landslides, which, according to the meteorological authority, were attended by the institutions that make up the Conred System.

Heavy rains in Guatemala, which have left more than a dozen people dead, caused cracks and a giant hole in one of the main roads connecting the capital with the south of the country, forcing authorities to close the road. pic.twitter.com/wq7zwb0d40

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June 17, 2022

The government entity reports that the incidents of the last 24 hours affected 28,160 people in 15 municipalities of 7 departments of the Central American country.

With respect to the general statistics accumulated in the 2022 rainy season, these report: 1,564 people at risk; 668,210 affected; 3,553 evacuated; 309 sheltered; 3 missing; and 21 people dead.

In addition, damage to homes and public infrastructure is reported: 304 homes with slight damage, 1,055 homes with moderate damage, 489 at risk, while in infrastructure 495 incidents are reported, including 8 bridges affected and 9 destroyed, 113 roads affected, 4 destroyed and 121 schools affected, among others.

ZACAPA. Integrantes de la Coordinadora Municipal para la Reducción de Desastres -COMRED- y el COCODE coordinan la restricción vehicular en el tramo carretero por el deslizamiento registrado en caserío El Centro, aldea Tasharte, La Unión, Zacapa. pic.twitter.com/bCbYK2HilH

— CONRED (@ConredGuatemala)
June 19, 2022

ZACAPA. Members of the Municipal Coordinator for Disaster Reduction -COMRED- and COCODE coordinate the vehicle restriction on the highway section due to the landslide registered in the El Centro village, Tasharte village, La Unión, Zacapa.

The executive director of Conred, Geovanni Pérez, explained that according to the analysis generated by its specialists on tropical storm Celia, there are 90 municipalities around the national territory with a very high probability of rainfall, therefore these territories will be put on red alert.

Meanwhile, the Emergency Health Operations Center of the Ministry of Public Health and Social Assistance established an Institutional Red Alert in the health services network due to the increase of rainfall in Guatemala.


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