Pro-Palestinian Protesters Clash With Police at University of California


“By the thousands, by the millions, we are all Palestinians,” students chanted.

On Monday, pro-Palestinian protesters clashed with police at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), after establishing the third campus encampment lately.


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The protesters set up tents and barricades on the western end of the university’s Dickson Plaza Wednesday afternoon, reported Daily Bruin, the university’s student newspaper. Protesters marched on campus carrying fake bloody mummies and body parts while listing the names of Palestinians who have died in the current Palestinian-Israeli conflict, chanting, “We will honor all our martyrs,” said the report.

“To bear witness to over 46,000 Palestinians who have been martyred or buried under the rubble,” said the Students for Justice in Palestine at UCLA, the organizer of the demonstration, in a post on Instagram, calling on people to join the protest.

“Palestinians under occupation continue to remind us that funerals are places of protest. The Palestinian people continually remind us that grief and rage are actionable,” said the post.

US police confront Palestine solidarity protesters at the UCLA campus in Los Angeles, detaining several students during a Gaza anti-war march.

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Campus police and security responded to the area before the Los Angeles Police Department declared a tactical alert, reported local KABC television station. Orders were issued multiple times for the protesters to disperse and several clashes erupted between officers and protesters.

After nightfall, hundreds of pro-Palestinian protesters stood in front of at least 50 police officers from multiple law enforcement agencies outside Dodd Hall, a historic academic building, according to a Daily Bruin post on X, formerly Twitter.

Protesters outside Dodd Hall chanted, “By the thousands, by the millions, we are all Palestinians,” Daily Bruin said in another post. “Police have led more than 15 detainees into Dodd Hall,” the student newspaper stated.

Over 200 pro-Palestinian protesters were arrested on May 2 as police moved to dismantle an encampment at UCLA. On May 23, a group of protesters once briefly established a second encampment on campus before police moved in to disband the efforts.

#FromTheSouth News Bits | The Palestinian Health Ministry announced that the Israeli aggressions against the Gaza Strip have left more than 350 wounded, although the total number of victims is unknown since most of them are under the rubble and on the roads.

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Source: Xinhua

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