Pro-Palestinian Protesters Arrested After Taking Over Stanford President’s Office

Since October 2023, Israeli occupation forces have killed over 36,650 Palestinians and injured 83,300 people.

On Wednesday, thirteen pro-Palestinian protesters at Stanford University were arrested after they briefly took over the president’s office.


Police Forces Repress Pro-palestine Manifestation in New York

In the latest campus action calling for divestment from Israel, students and alumni entered President Richard Saller’s office in the early morning, according to the pro-Palestinian group’s spokesperson.

They vowed to “remain inside the building and are refusing to leave until their demands are met,” the spokesperson said in a statement.

After several hours, the building was back in university control after campus police and Santa Clara County Sheriff’s deputies took action.

Sad morning ???? for #Gaza:

During the night, #Israeli_occupation_forces:

1- committed horrible crime by the bombing of a refugee shelter in Al Nusairat refugee camp, KILLING 27 people most if them CHILDREN!

2- committed another crime in the bombing of Al Hor family in Al Burij…

— Motasem A Dalloul (@AbujomaaGaza) June 6, 2024

“We are appalled and deeply saddened by the actions that occurred on our campus earlier today,” according to a joint statement from the university president and Jenny Martinez, Stanford provost.

Those who are students “will be immediately suspended” and seniors “will not be allowed to graduate,” , the Stanford administrators said. Wednesday is the last day of classes for the spring term. The Stanford Commencement Weekend is set for June 13 to 16.

Since the offensive against Gaza began in October 2023, Israeli occupation forces have killed over 36,650 Palestinians and injured 83,300 people. The Gaza-based Health Ministry estimates that there are also at least 10,000 additional bodies beneath the rubble left by the Zionist bombings.

#FromTheSouth News Bits | The Palestinian Health Ministry announced that the Israeli aggressions against the Gaza Strip have left more than 350 wounded, although the total number of victims is unknown since most of them are under the rubble and on the roads.

— teleSUR English (@telesurenglish) June 3, 2024

Sources: Xinhua – EFE

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