President Maduro Speeds Measures to Rebuild a Town Affected by Beryl


Last week, heavy rains and river overflow devastated the infrastructure of towns such as Cumanacoa.

On Tuesday, Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro ordered the doubling of machinery and personnel for the prompt recovery of Cumanacoa, in the state of Sucre.


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Last week, this town was severely affected by Hurricane Beryl, which caused heavy rainfall in the eastern regions of this South American country.

The overflow of the Manzanares River devastated the infrastructure of entire communities, leaving six dead, 29,000 people affected, and 7,960 homes damaged. Accompanied by his technical teams, the Bolivarian leader went to observe and personally assess the impact of Beryl in Cumanacoa.

“The recovery plan for Cumanacoa must become a special model of recovery,” Maduro said during a visit that included the ministers of Housing and Infrastructure, as well as personnel from Civil Defense and Civil Protection.

«El pueblo unido jamás será vencido» Nicolás Maduro desde Cumanacoa, estado Sucre.

— Roi Lopez Rivas (@RoiLopezRivas) July 9, 2024

The text reads, “The united people will never be defeated. Nicolas Maduro from Cumanacoa, in the state of Sucre.

“We are going to recover everything. I guarantee it. Count on all my support! Rest assured, just as we saw Las Tejerias rise again, we will see Cumanacoa rise again,” he said while conducting a field inspection in the affected areas.

Maduro approved the formation of a one-million-dollar emergency fund for the recovery of Cumanacoa. He asked his cabinet to streamline bureaucratic processes as much as possible to deliver funding to the economic sectors in the areas affected by Hurricane Beryl.

The Venezuelan president also formed special task forces to carry out works to contain, mitigate, and resolve the damage caused in the mountains by the rains.

Prior to the presidential visit on Tuesday, Diosdado Cabello, the coordinator of the Our Venezuela Campaign Command, went to the affected zones and verified that the military authorities and members of the popular power were carrying out emergency tasks through tours “house by house, community by community, and town by town.”

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— teleSUR English (@telesurenglish) July 10, 2024

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