President Maduro Leads Military Parade in Commemoration of Venezuelan Independence Day


The president said that «This army of liberators was born to bust the back of empires».

The president of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro presided on Friday afternoon the military parade that commemorated the 213rd anniversary of the independence of that South American country and the Armed Forces Day.

Venezuelans Renew Their Anti-Imperialist Commitment on Independence Day

The president presided over the final commemorative acts of the festive day as commander in chief of the Bolivarian National Armed Forces

The Venezuelan president said that «ue today July 5, 213 years later, the Homeland is at peace, free, sovereign and independent, for the glory of the founding fathers, for the glory of the fathers and mothers who made supreme sacrifice to give us this free land».

He pointed out, in the same direction that «I can declare today, congratulating the entire Bolivarian National Armed Forces, in its day, congratulating our people, because the day of the Homeland, July 5, is People’s Day».

#Live | #Venezuela celebrates 213 years of its Independence with a military parade.

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In his words, Maduro recalled the threats and aggressions to which the South American nation has been exposed and «the forceful response that has been given to these attacks».

He explained that in the face of threats and aggressions (…) and each test was overcome in union. All the tests, when traitors and putschists appeared, that April 30, 2019, people and armed forces united, without firing a shot we defeated them»

He emphasized «the Bolivarian doctrine oriented to the perfect civil-military union», which, he said, «is the most beautiful because it was the birth of the popular armies of Bolivar, Zamora, brought to the 21st century».

#FromTheSouth News Bits | The first day of the presidential campaign in Venezuela closed with thousands of President Nicolas Maduro’s supporters rallying to Central Plaza behind Miraflores Palace.

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He pointed out that in this National Armed Forces is Bolivarian, it is a people in arms and bases its doctrine on a powerful civic-military union, Popular power and military power, to guarantee democracy, the freedoms of a country and a people,” he said.

He appreciated that this day commemorates the «anti-colonial Bolivarian National Armed Force that was born as a force with its weapons to confront the most powerful empire that existed for the time».

He pointed out, in that direction that «this is the Bolivarian National Armed Forces refounded in the principles of people of arms, there is no difference, no distances, between people and military».

Finally, he celebrated that he has arrived on July 5 with the «Mission accomplished, Venezuela is at peace, in stability, united and dreaming of a promising and great future, independence, well-being and happiness».

#Venezuela, Caracas | Civic-military parade for the 213th anniversary of the signing of the act of declaration of independence and Bolivarian National Armed Forces (FANB) Day.

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