Peru Dismisses 328 Teachers for Sexual Violence After Abuse Scandal


Peruvian Education Minister, Morgan Quero reported on Saturday that have separated 207 teachers from Metropolitan Lima and 121 teachers from the province of Condorcanqui, in Amazonas, where hundreds of cases of abuse by teachers were revealed weeks ago.


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The high official announces the measure in order to eradicate cases of sexual violence against students, since a month ago the newspaper La República reported on hundreds of complaints of harassment and sexual abuse of teachers to primary and secondary school students.

The events occurred between 2010 and 2024, in Condorcanqui, one of the seven provinces that make up the department of Amazonas in northeastern Peru, and detailed that there were even HIV infections from the aggressors to the children, of the Awajún ethnic group.

????️ El ministro de Educación, Morgan Quero, comenta que se han separado a más de 121 docentes en la región Amazonas y otros 207 en Lima, acusados por violencia sexual y otros delitos.


— RPP Noticias (@RPPNoticias) July 6, 2024

The Minister of Education, Morgan Quero, comments that more than 121 teachers have been separated in the Amazonas region and another 207 in Lima, accused of sexual violence and other crimes.

“We have blocked all teachers who have some kind of complaint in the Amazon region so that they cannot be hired in other Local Educational Management Unit (UGEL). I guarantee that there will be no teachers who have a complaint for harassment or sexual violence working in Condorcanqui,” Quero said at the RPP radio station.

Quero indicated that three new student residences will be built in Condorcanqui and that the Ministry of Education will continue to work to improve the conditions of these residences and to monitor that there are no more reprehensible events that have gone unpunished for many years.

The Minister of Education pointed out that in Metropolitan Lima there were teachers from private schools with sentences for rape, terrorism and homicide, and that these teachers will not return to the classrooms, and specified that, of the total cases of separated teachers, 227 correspond to sexual assault and 27 to terrorism.

In this sense, announced that the Executive published on Saturday a ministerial resolution that will contribute to “the frontal struggle to be ruthless against rapists disguised as teachers and to separate, once and for all, those who have exercised a form of absolutely abominable violence against our children.”

???????? #Perú Ministro de Educación rendirá cuentas por declaraciones →
Morgan Quero responderá a la Comisión de Pueblos Andinos, Amazónicos y Afroperuanos, Ambiente y Ecología luego de calificar como prácticas culturales denuncias de violencia sexual …

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Minister of Education will be held accountable for statements → Morgan Quero will respond to the Commission of Andean, Amazonian and Afro-Peruvian Peoples, Environment and Ecology after describing complaints of sexual violence as cultural practices…

The allegations of abuse became well known in Peru, because when the media asked the minister about the case, he said that they will work “some kind of solution to resolve the situation”, even “if it is a cultural practice”.

Those statements were rejected by several Humans Rights Organizations after the Minister of Women and Vulnerable Populations, Angela Hernandez will back Minister Quero.

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