Opposition Candidates in Venezuela Also Start Electoral Campaign


CNE had indicated that candidates should not promote violence, hate speech, intolerance or break with tranquillity and peace

While the Great Patriotic Pole began this Thursday the electoral campaign with marches in 70 cities of Venezuela, the opposition candidates to the presidential elections of next July 28 also began their campaign deployment, as established by the National Electoral Council (CNE).

The Venezuelan People March Supporting the Patriotic Pole Campaign

The independent candidate Benjamín Rausseo, published in his social networks a message where he assures that his “proposal is avant-garde”, and is nourished by the love he feels for Venezuela.

The former mayor of Caracas (capital), Claudio Fermín, of Soluciones para Venezuela, also used social networks to bring his messages to voters, while several members of his party toured some cities in the country.

Likewise, Javier Bertucci, of the El Cambio party, issued a message on his own from the social network X, accompanied by a text that highlights that “it is time to work together”.

Los presidenciables ofrecieron entrevistas, realizaron caminatas y reuniones. El 25 cierra esta jornada. #CNE publicó la normativa de propaganda electoral, acá algunos puntos;
???? – No promover violencia política, odios, intolerancia, ni romper la tranquilidad y paz pic.twitter.com/YTLDSFdKYm

— Adriana Sivori (@SivoriteleSUR) July 4, 2024

The text reads,
The presidential candidates offered interviews, took walks and meetings. The 25th closes this day. CNE published the electoral propaganda regulations, here are some points;
Do not promote political violence, hatred, intolerance, or break the tranquility and peace

Enrique Márquez, from Centrados, offered an interview to a local media outlet that he later reported on his social networks.

Meanwhile, Daniel Ceballos, who is running for the party Assembly of Renewal and Hope for the Country (Arepa) rode on a tractor on the Valle-Coche highway of Caracas, as a campaign action, carrying a flag of his political bench and another of Venezuela.

Also the candidate for Primero Venezuela, José Brito, declared that he would start his campaign this afternoon with a walk through the state of Aragua, and called his supporters to distribute propaganda in several squares in Caracas.

For his part, candidate Antonio Ecarri, for Advanced Progressive and Pencil Alliance, announced that he would start his campaign on Friday, July 5.

Likewise, the candidate of Democratic Action (AD) Luis Eduardo Martínez, who is also running for Red Flag, Republican Movement, Copei and UNE, announced that he would start his campaign activities on July 6.

On June 20, nine of the 10 candidates for the presidency of Venezuela signed an agreement where they pledged to recognize the results of the announcement made by the CNE after the elections of July 28.

In that connection, the highest electoral body had indicated that candidates should not promote violence, hate speech, intolerance or break with tranquillity and peace.

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