Nicaragua and Cuba Congratulate Venezuela on Its Independence Day


President Ortega emphasized the importance of Venezuela being a free, sovereign, and anti-imperialist nation.

On Thursday, the Nicaraguan government sent a message of congratulations to President Nicolas Maduro on the occasion of the 213th anniversary of Venezuela’s Independence, celebrated on July 5th.


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“On behalf of Nicaragua’s government of reconciliation and national unity, we express with great fraternal affection our warmest congratulations to you, Nicolas, and to our dear, heroic, and admirable Venezuela,” Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega and Vice President Rosario Murillo affirmed.

The two Nicaraguan leaders reiterated their loyalty and fraternal friendship with Caracas and emphasized the importance of Venezuela being a free, sovereign, and anti-imperialist nation.

Ortega and Murillo also indicated that they are confident that Venezuelans will continue to achieve great victories in the battles their heroic homeland faces.

Cada #5Jul honramos a nuestro Padre Bolívar y a los héroes de la gesta libertaria. Un día como hoy se firmó el acta histórica, reconociendo nuestra tierra como soberana y antiimperialista. 213 años después, seguimos determinados a ser libres. ¡Viva la independencia de Venezuela!

— Delcy Rodríguez (@delcyrodriguezv) July 5, 2024

Venezuelan Vice President Delcy Rodriguez’s text reads, “Every July 5, we honor our father Bolivar and the libertarian feat heroes. On a day like today, the historic act recognizing our land as sovereign and anti-imperialist was signed. We remain determined to be free 213 years later. Long live the independence of Venezuela!

“As always in this victorious July, we remain together with our beloved Venezuela. We move forward always with solidarity and fraternity,” the Nicaraguan leaders said, adding that “from the free and dignified homeland of Sandino, our hearts and people accompany Venezuela.”

Meanwhile, Cuba’s Minister of Foreign Affairs Bruno Rodriguez also conveyed his congratulations and best wishes to Venezuela.

“Warm and affectionate congratulations to the Venezuelan government and people on the 213th anniversary of their independence,” he said, reiterating Cuba’s commitment to continue strengthening the historic bonds of brotherhood with the Bolivarian Revolution.

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— teleSUR English (@telesurenglish) July 5, 2024

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