Masud Pezeshkian Leads in the Presidential Runoff Election in Iran


The vote count will continue throughout the night, and the final results are likely to be announced on Saturday morning.

According to the real-time count of the Iranian Interior Ministry, reformist candidate Masud Pezeshkian would have won 52.55 percent of the vote, while Said Yalili won 45.54 percent.

Iranian Election Enters Vote Counting Stage after Completion of Second Round

The Iranian Ministry of the Interior has reported that so far 23,646,138 votes have been counted in the presidential elections. These results are preliminary and the vote count is still ongoing.

Iran held this Friday the second round of the presidential elections, which are disputed by the reformist Masud Pezeshkian, who seeks an opening of the country, and the ultra-conservative Saeed Jalili.

The count began in the big cities shortly after the closing of the schools at 00:00 hours (20:30 UTC) after doing so hours earlier in small cities of the country, where 61 million people were called to the polls.


???? After the counting of 23,646,138 votes, Masoud Pezeshkian further consolidated his lead with 12,704,910 votes, with Saeed Jalili trailing behind with 10,474,238 votes.#IranVotes2024

— Iran Election 2024 (@PressTVElection) July 6, 2024

The Electoral Commission will announce preliminary results until the count is over and announce the winner, which is expected to happen mid-morning on Saturday.

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