Inflation is Defeated in Venezuela: President Maduro


‘In June, we had the lowest inflation level in 39 years of the Venezuelan economy,’ he stressed.

On Tuesday, Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro asserted that the defeat of inflation is already consolidated in his country.


June Closed With Venezuela’s Lowest Inflation in 39 Years

He also highlighted that the economic growth during the first half of 2024 exceeds eight percent, surpassing what happened in 2023 when a growth of 5.5 percent was achieved.

“The projection for this year is eight percent. We are aiming for more! The economy produces goods and services, generates employment and enterprises, and the country is flourishing,” Maduro emphasized, who also announced a new round of talks with the United States.

“In May, we had the lowest inflation index in eighteen years. Then in June, we had the lowest inflation level in 39 years of the Venezuelan economy,” the Bolivarian leader said, noting that despite the economic war waged by the United States, his administration has achieved “the changes the country needs and a growing and robust economy.”

Venezuela???????? and Russia???????? have signed a memorandum of understanding to cooperate closely to counter US-UK-EU sanctions

Venezuela continues to battle with sanctions against its economy, with the oil industry heavily sanctioned, directly resulting in the impoverishment of millions…

— Going Underground (@GUnderground_TV) June 11, 2024

Regarding the potential effects of Hurricane Beryl on Venezuelan territory, the Bolivarian leader indicated that the Food Minister Carlos Leal was present in Cumanacoa, in the state of Sucre, personally supervising the situation and ensuring that people have access to water and food.

“We are attending to this in real-time… We are heading to the presidential command post to continue taking the necessary actions for Cumanacoa,” Maduro emphasized, adding that he will receive updated information about the damages caused by the heavy rains.

“We will be with the people, with our love and the truth,” he said, mentioning that the Energy Minister Jorge Marquez informed him that 80 percent of the electric service that was devastated by the hurricane has already been restored.

“There is a large number of families in shelters and schools. We lost three schools that were swept away by the river. But we will rebuild them,” Maduro announced, adding that Vice President Delcy Rodriguez and the ministers of Justice and Public Works are monitoring the situation in Cumanacoa.

“In any situation and circumstance, we will move forward and always triumph over difficulties and pain,” the Venezuelan President said.

#FromTheSouth News Bits | Venezuela: During his program Maduro+, President Nicolas Maduro authorized to resume talks with the United States in Doha, Qatar.

— teleSUR English (@telesurenglish) July 2, 2024

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