Five Killed, 57 Injured in Gas Explosion in Türkiye


Four people were killed and at least 20 injured in a gas explosion in a restaurant in Izmir’s Torbalı district in the Ayrancılar neighborhood, region of western Türkiye, local television stations reported.


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Local media reported that emergency services, firefighters, ambulances and other rescue and health services attended to the place after the neighboors calls and the fire was quickly brought under control by firefighters.

First were reported 20 injured, 10 in serious condition and four injured in incident in the small restaurant which was severely damaged by the explosion which, according to the mayor of Torbali, Obunc Demir, was due to a problem with a gas pipe.



The explosion occured in a crowded area
At least 5 people died, 63 injured,- 10 seriously-. #LoULTIMO #TURQUIA #Explosion #Patlama

— LW World News ???? (@LoveWorld_Peopl) June 30, 2024

Izmir Governor Süleyman Elban has stated that that the death toll in the explosion has risen to 5 and 57 injured in 4 different hospitals. In his statement Elban said that one of the injured died in the hospital.

“We have a friend among the wounded who is in serious condition, but we assess that he is not life-threatening,” Elban stated, “We have made arrangements for the temporary accommodation of our citizens living in the damaged buildings. We will welcome those who wish to stay in the different hotels in our district. Apart from that, we have started food and accommodation works. Moreover, 2 prosecutors are carrying out their work both on the ground and in the hospitals.”

On the other hand the Yılmaz Tunç Justice Minister announced a criminal investigation to find out why the explosion happened.

????️ İzmir Büyükşehir Belediye Başkanı Cemil Tugay, TGRT Haber canlı yayınında Torbalı’da meydana gelen patlamada 7 binanın ağır hasar aldığını açıkladı.

Patlama sonrası binalardaki hasar havadan böyle görüntülendi.

— Türkiye Gazetesi (@turkiyegazetesi) June 30, 2024

“A judicial investigation has been initiated by the Torbalı Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office regarding the explosion in a restaurant in Torbalı district of Izmir, and 2 public prosecutors have been assigned under the coordination of the Torbalı Chief Public Prosecutor. The investigation is being carried out meticulously,” said Tunç.

Police have cordoned off the area around the restaurant as a precautionary measure following the natural gas explosion.

Around 11 nearby buildings also suffered damage as a result of the incident, authorities said, as well as vehicles in the street.

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