Exit Polls Supersedes Le Pen’s Extreme Right and Give the Left-Wing Front a Wide Advantage


According to preliminary results of Ipsos-Talan exit polls for French TV Channels gives a simple majority to New Popular Front (NFP) of the left-wing has been in first place in the French legislative elections this Sunday, with the largest parliamentary group in the National Assembly.


France Goes to the Polls in Runoff of Snap Parliamentary Elections With High Turnout

The NFP gets between 160 and 215 deputies, while the macronist bloc achieves 150 to 180 and the ultra-right of Marine Le Pen is relegated to third position, with 115-152 seats, according to the four main polls.

These figures come as a surprise after the far-right won the first round, with 33.15% of the votes, and was still in the lead in the polls and in the last projections of seats that were released until Friday, the last day of the campaign.

France, Ipsos exit poll:

Snap national parliament election, second round (seat distribution)

NFP-LEFT|G/EFA|S&D: 172-192
Ensemble-RE: 150-170
RN and allies-ID: 135-155
LR-EPP: 57-67
Divers gauche-*: 13-16
Divers-*: 8-11
UDI-RE: 6-8

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— Europe Elects (@EuropeElects) July 7, 2024

Jean-Luc Mélenchon, founder of the leftist France Insumisa (FI) party, expressed himself after the closing of the polls and the first estimates and demanded that Macron should appoint a new prime minister of the left alliance.

Mélenchon said that French voted with conscience, Macron has to call the NFP to form a new government to implement the entire program of the Popular Front, only the popular front because he says that they have been fighting against the social and climatic inaction of the president for more than 7 years.

“Tonight we have a relative majority so I ask those who were rejected three times not to mix their votes with the right ectrema that they did to prevent the emergence of the new popular front,” said Olivier Faure Secretary-General of the France’s Socialist Party and one of the NFP main leaders.

Faure told those who thought that the extreme right was an alternative that would take into account and listen to their despair and anguish and that “we must repair those fractures that have divided our country” and recognized in French society there are huge cracks “The age of contempt is over!”

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