Colombia Live: Run-Off Starts Without Reports of Incidents

Colombia Live: Run-Off Starts Without Reports of Incidents

On Sunday, over 39 million Colombians choose their new president between Gustavo Petro (Historical Pact) and Rodolfo Hernandez (League of Anti-Corruption Rulers). This democratic process occurs amid an endemic violence. Below are the main events as they happen.


Over 39 Million Colombians Elect Their President on This Day

8:53: Former rector of the Universidad de los Andes affirms his vote for change. «I am going to vote for the one who has called for a national agreement, the one who represents the possibility of responsible change, the one who has restored hope to millions of Colombians,» Alejandro Gaviria tweeted.

8:40: Duke asks to have «full confidence» in the results. After voting at a polling station installed in the National Capitol in Bogota, Colombian President Ivan Duque asked citizens to have «confidence in the institutions» and in the transparency of the electoral results.

He said that Colombia has one of the oldest and most solid democracies in the hemisphere, which has always allowed a process of peaceful, orderly, institutional transition of the presidential command.

«We can tell the next president-elect that he will have our full support to begin the presidential transition process,» he said.

8:35 a.m. Rodolfo Hernandez votes in Bucaramanga City. Accompanied by a strong security device, the far-right politician Rodolfo Hernandez voted at the Santander High School in the city where he was mayor from 2016 to 2019, when he resigned as a result of a sanction from the Office of the Attorney General.

Popularly known as «The Engineer,» Hernandez said he «hopes» to win the presidency. He will await the election results accompanied by his family and without the presence of the press.

Esta es la tarjeta electoral con la que podrás ejercer tu derecho al voto el próximo domingo, 19 de junio, en la segunda vuelta de los comicios presidenciales.#Elecciones2022#GarantesDeLaDemocracia#TuVotoImporta

— Registraduría Nacional del Estado Civil (@Registraduria)
June 19, 2022

8:00 a.m. Elections begin without incident. From the early hours of the morning, hundreds of citizens began lining up outside the polling stations to vote. The Colombian second electoral round began without reports of violent incidents.

«Despite the rains in Tunja City in Cartagena, there are already lines of voters waiting for the polls to open,» W Radio reported, adding that due to the rains, «two polling stations were moved in Cordoba: one in Alfonso Lopez and the other one in San Andres de Sotavento.»

The United Nations is concerned about the violence in Colombia.

— teleSUR English (@telesurenglish)
April 12, 2022


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